Hey there! Thanks for checking out my page. But you came here to get to know a little about me so here it goes... I am a mother to two amazing little girls. I know everyone says this about their kids but they are honestly so smart! My oldest was born in 2017 and my youngest was born in 2019. I keep them off social media so unfortunately you probably won't see many pictures of them. 
Now back to me .. I have been married to my funny, sarcastic and sometimes pain in my ass husband since 2015 but we have been together since 2009! We got together shortly out of high school. My full-time job is a paralegal, which I love!
I started this business while I was pregnant with my second. I wanted to be able to give items to my girls that I had made. I thought I would try selling my products online (marketplace mostly) and you guys started buying them.
After my maternity leave was over, I found I no longer had enough time to handmake my items anymore. Now I source my products from other mama owned small businesses and bring the cutest of their products into my shop.  
Stay tuned though ... I may have a few of my own products coming in soon ;) 
I hope you feel like you got a little insight into my life. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!