Little Rose & Co

Wooden Camera (Tan)

$20 $45.50

Little Rose & Co wooden camera. Handmade in Canada.

Let your children 'photograph' their world using our wooden cameras.

This camera is made of birch plywood, painted with non-toxic chalk paint, and sealed with a water based nontoxic sealer. The shutter button moves in and out to capture the perfect 'picture' and the mode dial as well as the lens rotate.

Dimensions: 4 1/4"x3.5"x1.5". Comes with a long wearable strap. 

Our cameras are not only an amazing gift for a child, but also make for a lovely decorative piece in a nursery.

Safety notes: These cameras are geared towards being a decorative item or for ages 3 and up, adult supervision is always recommended. Though they are non-toxic they are not 'food safe' therefore we don't recommend the use of any of our toys as teethers or chew toys. Inappropriate use of the toy could result in small parts breaking off and could pose a choking hazard. ***Please also note that wood is created in nature, therefore it has properties that are beyond our control such as differing grains and marks which are part of their natural formation in nature - wood is also temperamental with different factors such as temperature, and even just what the condition of the tree was in the forest - varying temperatures can cause the wood to expand and contract and possibly crack which could cause the product or different pieces attached to the product to fall off, although Little Rose and Co tries their very best to make all of their products secure safe and strong there are natural elements of wood that are beyond their control which could cause the product to be damaged just because of the natural elements of wood. 

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